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The Game

The game is designed to encourage creative discussions needed to answer a series of questions directly related to Care Certificate standards. The game makes learning more engaging and creative than a traditional workshop or meeting.


The board game covers the 8 Care Certificate standards that are best suited to group discussions and training workshops. Each standard has a pack of scenario cards that deliver essential facts and concepts:



  • Duty of Care (14 questions)
  • Equality & Diversity (10 questions)
  • Work in a Person Centred Way (12 questions)
  • Communication (10 questions)
  • Privacy and Dignity (12 questions)
  • Fluids & Nutrition (18 questions)
  • Awareness of Mental Health, Dementia & Learning Disabilities (14 questions)
  • Infection Prevention & Control (16 questions)



Image 1
1 Board
2 Teams
8 Standards
12 Players
106 Questions & scenarios

Download Rules

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To order a copy of the game visit our secure online shop by clicking the blue "Order" button. You can pay by credit card, PayPal or provide a purchase order. (The game was co-developed by Focus Games Ltd and it is their online shop that you will be taken to).

Price £150 exc VAT and delivery.



The game is competitive. Up to twelve players are divided into two teams and they compete to answer questions correctly and win coloured tokens. The game will also work in 1-to-1 sessions.


The game can be used as a standalone tool or as part of a workshop programme. It is designed to be flexible and practical and assessors can choose the number of players, length of time the game will be played for and which questions should be answered.


The central area of the board is a simple competency assessment chart that allows everyone to see where their strengths and weaknesses are offering a guide to where attention needs to be focused.

  • Portable
  • Simple to play
  • Doesn’t need ‘heavy’ facilitation